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Special Needs Notification Program

Attention Hoover residents that have family members with AUTISM!!!!

Special needs notification service offered by Hoover PD

Hoover residents, if you have a family member with special needs (for example, a child or an adult on the autism spectrum, intellectual or developmental disability, Alzheimer’s/dementia patient, etc.) there is a way for you to communicate those needs with us prior to an emergency. You can fill out the form below.

Hoover 911 Communications Center personnel can create a notification “flag” in our dispatch system that would alert the Dispatcher on duty to relay the pertinent special needs information to First Responders (Police/Fire) prior to their arrival at your address.

Please include specific information about your family member that might assist responders, including sensory concerns. Some examples are: does not like bright lights, loud noises (which might include a walkie-talkie or siren), is scared of strangers, is obsessed with “fill in the blank” (this could help responders establish a rapport), or ANYTHING else you as the care provider think we need to know! We want to keep the situation calm and safe while we assist you and your family.


  • Collin Nelson, Hoover 911 Communications Manager 205-739-7076
  • Officer Brian Hale 205-739-6050

Information needed from the caregiver (All information kept confidential)