Hoover Police earns national accreditation

School Resource Officers

The Hoover City School System and the City of Hoover believe that the use of police officers in the school system offers school employees, students and families, another tool for preventing crime in our community.

School Resource Officers are commonly referred to as SRO's. These officers receive specialized training through the National Association of School Resource Officers. They serve as a visible presence to deter disorder during peak movement times for students, and are accessible and approachable as informal counselors and mentors to students. Additionally, they assist administrators by checking for weapons and drugs, and they develop early intervention techniques to prevent violence.

SRO's operate within the "Triad Concept". Included in this concept is the role of Law Enforcement, Informal Counselor and Teacher.

A diverse curriculum is provided by SRO's to students at the elementary, middle and high school level.

The #1 goal of the SRO program is to "bridge the gap" between students and law enforcement.