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Hoover City Jail

Lieutenant Chris Graves , Commander

Sergeant Andre Brown, Supervisor

Corporal Kevin Driver, Detention Supervisor

From 1971 until 1985 the first Hoover City Jail consisted of two cells situated next to the communications area in Hoover’s “first free standing” City Hall located at 1631 Montgomery Highway. Patrol officers processed inmates and the dispatchers supervised the inmates because there were no Hoover Detention Officers assigned to supervise jail inmates.

In 1986, the Hoover Police Department moved into the Hoover Municipal Center at 100 Municipal Drive. The jail was upgraded to six single occupancy cells and three holding cells in the booking area. Patrol officers continued to process inmates and dispatchers continued to perform the additional duty of supervising inmates.

In December 1986, the police department hired its first detention staff. During the early 1990s, the jail cells were “double-bunked” which increased jail capacity from six cells to sixteen cells. With the rapid growth of Hoover and the continual growth of the police department throughout the 1990s, the jail maintained full capacity and on occasion exceeded capacity, thus, proving the need for a larger jail facility.

The Hoover City Jail moved to its current location at 2020 Valleydale Road on August 2, 2004. The current jail has sixty-four cells located in four different cell blocks. The facility also has medical cells, isolation cells and holding cells in other areas of the facility bringing the total number of available beds to seventy-two. The current jail staff consists of: a Lieutenant; a Sergeant; a Detention Supervisor and five Shift supervisors; and fifteen Detention Officers performing the daily supervision of inmates.


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