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Warrant Unit, Hoover Police Department

The Hoover Police Department Warrant Division is responsible for maintenance and service of arrest warrants issued by the Municipal Court of the City of Hoover. As custodian of warrants, the Division assures the physical security of arrest warrants and the information that they contain, and disseminates that information to the Officers of the Hoover Police Department, and other law enforcement and government agencies, as appropriate, for the purpose of warrant execution.

The Warrant Division seeks to execute arrest warrants by direct service on the defendant. An attempt is made by the Division to make notification, by letter or phone, or both, to all defendants for whom warrants are issued. Defendants are encouraged to present themselves at Hoover Public Safety Center to complete bonding procedures.

The Warrant Division has developed an excellent relationship with outside law enforcement agencies. In 2005, the Warrant Division established the Alabama Warrant Officer Directory, which lists contact information for officers assigned to active warrant details with other law enforcement agencies within the state. The Directory has allowed its participants to network with each other to share information, resources and investigative techniques, as well as to assist each other in making arrests within their respective jurisdictions.

The Hoover Police Department Warrant Unit was established in 1983, when Sergeant Charlie Franklin was assigned to the primary responsibility of serving arrest warrants issued by the Hoover Municipal Court. Sgt. Franklin operated out of the old City Hall at 1631 Montgomery Highway, until the current Municipal Center opened in 1985 at 1699 Montgomery Highway. In 1984, Sgt. Franklin was joined by Officer Layne Morris. The first civilian Warrant Clerk, Stacey Bridewell, began assisting the Unit’s officers in 1994. Over the years, the two-officer unit has been served by Officers Tim “Cubby” Manzella, Doyle Burns, and Eddie Morrisette, along with Warrant Clerk Connie (Johnson) Collins. Sgt. Franklin retired in 1999, turning over leadership of the Unit to its current supervisor, Sergeant Gary W. Davis. Today, the Unit consists of Sgt. Davis, Officer Joe Jones (assigned 2004), and Warrant Specialist Jennifer Taylor (assigned 2003). The Warrant Unit was moved to the Hoover Public Safety Center at 2020 Valleydale Road in August, 2004.

The Warrant Unit conducts pro-active warrant execution through the arrest of wanted persons in the field, many of whom actively seek to avoid apprehension. Warrant Officers conduct investigations to determine the location of wanted persons, utilizing a variety of resources, including computer and internet technologies, public records, and information from outside law enforcement agencies and other sources. Warrant Officers also carry out extradition operations, receiving custody of wanted persons from local, county, state, and federal facilities throughout the State of Alabama. Duties of the Unit also include the custody and maintenance of arrest warrants, and entry of warrant information into the National Crime Information Center/Alabama Criminal Justice Information System.

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